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Using Consumer Insights to Market your Resort

consumer insights for beach resorts

The current worldwide pandemic crisis is expected to last far into 2022, and things are unlikely to return to normal for some years. In fact, certain travel patterns may be permanently altered as a result of this interruption.

Success entails knowing how to adapt to changes and convert them into opportunities for progress.

Consumer insights could help the hotel industry see how the target market has changed and how to deal with those changes.

What are consumer insights?

Consumer insight is an interpretation that hotels utilize to obtain a better knowledge of how their target market thinks and feels. Human behavior analysis enables businesses to truly grasp what their potential guests want and need, as well as why they feel that way.

When consumer insight research is done correctly, it should enhance the efficacy with which a firm communicates with its consumers, which is likely to influence consumer behavior and hence boost sales.

Getting data for consumer insights

Customer insights may be obtained from a variety of sources, including customer service data, product and service evaluations, market research (such as how the weather affects shopping/booking and where customers spend their money), purchase history, and customer mood.

The gathering of consumer insights requires high-quality data. Your findings or results may suffer if you do have subpar-quality data.

Customer Analysis Resources

Get a specialized analytics team

Your data analytics team’s job is critical in understanding how your consumers think and behave. It is difficult to grasp what the data is telling you if you do not have the proper analytics staff.

Consumer research

Understanding and acknowledging consumer behavior is critical, and consumer insights can assist you in emotionally engaging with them. To accomplish so, it is critical not to dismiss the findings of your consumer research, whether you agree with them or not. Your resort’s marketing strategy should rely on data.

Consumer insights vs Market research

market research

Market Research is the process of gathering and evaluating data in order to answer specific business issues. It is a catch-all phrase that will be used to refer to research, consumer insights, data, and analytics.

Meanwhile, Consumer Insights is the process of leveraging existing data to obtain wider business insights for successful corporate decision-making. Consumer Insights is also an industry term used to refer to data and analytics when they are being employed in corporate decision-making.

The objective of Consumer Insights is to help and assist companies in their efforts to become more consumer-centric by focusing on the “Why” and “What next” not only the “What.”

How do you use consumer insights in your hotel marketing strategy?

Hotels can obtain great consumer insights by utilizing relevant, qualitative data. Data contains a plethora of information. Furthermore, most of this information is likely to be readily available to your resort.

With this information, hotels may direct their hotel marketing strategy efforts toward profitable target market categories, efficient channels, and smart hotel marketing strategies. This strategy not only increases turnover but also simplifies operations; by focusing investment on tried-and-true methods, hotels may reduce overhead and optimize net earnings.

Hotel marketers may create a thorough profile of their hotel guests who stay with them by analyzing data. Hotels can separate clients into categories based on these differentiated features. These categories will allow hotels to discover their most lucrative and largest client groups.

As a result, while creating marketing content, hoteliers may adapt it to appeal to the desires of their consumers, and attract guests to book more often.

Any of the numerous marketing methods used by the hotel and resort sector to advertise their facilities and generate consumer interest is referred to as luxury resort marketing. A well-thought-out strategy will be intended to appeal to the diverse preferences of potential tourists and will do so through a number of platforms.

Consumer Insights & Marketing Campaigns for the Target Market

analyzing consumer insights

A marketing campaign is a planned marketing effort undertaken on behalf of a company, brand, or individual to promote a certain activity or goal. Marketing campaigns are meant to capture the attention of your future guests in a variety of ways, including television, print advertising, social media, and email marketing.

A marketing campaign’s ultimate objective is generally to raise an organization’s exposure and bring in new consumers.

A marketing campaign’s common components include:

  • Promotional
  • Advertising
  • Distribution
  • Merchandising
  • Pricing

Almost every business relies on marketing efforts to boost sales and develop as a company. With the rise of online marketing, we highly recommend reaching your target audience using digital marketing. That is, encourage guests to book using social media marketing, Google hotel ads, entice with your hotel website, and other online platforms.

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