Why Use a Social Media Calendar for Your Beach Resort?

A planned social media calendar may assist you in defining your content topics and posting cadences to meet the audience and goal of each social network. Marketing campaigns with a lot of moving pieces, including social components, are common. It is critical to keep teams organized and to ensure that everyone participating in a project knows the social marketing timetable. 

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What is a Social Media Calendar

Social media calendars are tools that allow you to organize your content across multiple platforms so that you can be available when people want to see what you have to say. They help you manage all of your different accounts in one place and then make sure that each platform has the right information at the right time.

Your social media calendar is basically an online list of upcoming events that you want your followers to know about. You can share this on your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram profile, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, blog, or any other place where people gather.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Calendar

Increase Productivity

Transforming chaos into harmony. Managing many social media accounts may quickly become complicated. That kind of disorder will sap your productivity.

Establishing Deadlines & Accountability

Teams must be held accountable. Calendars are excellent for establishing deadlines. When deadlines are flexible or nonexistent, it’s simple to delay. Making a detailed strategy removes the excuse of not knowing what material to broadcast on your social networks.

Saves Time

Having a social media calendar saves you time that can be put to better use. There is never enough time. However, using a calendar to organize your social media outreach allows you to make the most of the time you have.

Improving your outcomes measurably

This is the benefit that outweighs all others. After all, efficiency without efficacy just means doing things inefficiently and rapidly.

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What is a Content Pillar?

Content pillars are topics your brand will consistently talk about, amplify and create content for on Social Media. You might hear them called content category or content bucket. They all mean the same thing.

To begin, content pillars will assist you in determining your specialty. Being a specialist in one or a few key areas will help your audience develop more quickly. 

Content pillars help you plan your content calendar. They are the fundamental building blocks of your content strategy. They should reflect your brand personality and help you guide your audience towards your goals.

How do You Use Content Pillars for Social Media?

Great content pillars for beach resorts include:

1) unique experiences – The best way to attract new guests is to offer something they cannot find anywhere else.

2) local – If you want to appeal to locals, then focus on what makes your resort unique from other places nearby.

3) memorable – Your content should be fun and entertaining, and create a lasting impression. 4) useful – Provide information that helps visitors understand how the area works and why they should visit.

Other amazing content pillars you can include for your beach resorts are local reviews, vacation tips, destination information, and information about what makes your resort the go-to. These types of content help people find your resort and stay at your place.

Create and Plan Your Content Calendar

Plan your content calendar a few weeks, if not a month, in advance for the greatest outcomes. You run the danger of making mistakes if you leave your content planning to the last minute. 

Hootsuite has a great step-by-step guide on How to Create Your Social Media Calendar

Make a list of key dates, such as impending holidays. These important events should be scheduled first so that you may generate extra material to support and promote them.

Including macro material such as long-form blog entries, YouTube videos, or podcast episodes. Begin by posting one item of macro material every week, as they take more effort to develop.

Incorporating microcontent, such as daily Instagram or Facebook postings. Microcontent, as opposed to macro material, is faster and shorter. They may either promote macro material or serve as a separate piece that brings value to your community.

Tips for a Great Social Media Calendar Content

Follow Industry Trends and News

Paying attention to what’s going on in your sector might assist you in planning your content calendar for the next weeks. 

Industry trends and news are an important part of investing. They help you understand what’s going on in the market and how companies may perform in the future. It’s also useful to know about new products or services that could be valuable for your business.

Trends are useful for predicting future events or changes in behavior. News is important for keeping up with what’s going on around you.

Listen to Your Audience

Another technique to get ideas for fresh material is to listen to your audience and take notes on frequently asked questions. What do they usually inquire about or want to know about you?

When in doubt, make postings that expressly ask your community what kind of material they want:

Listening is an excellent method to keep in touch with your audience, discover what they want, and utilize their comments to develop material that they will love. 

Look at Your Analytics

Analyzing your statistics is a terrific approach to discovering what material performs best, is most engaged with, and connects with your audience.

Take note of successful social media postings, their descriptions, the graphics you utilized, and any hashtags you employed. When preparing future material, keep postings in a similar structure in mind.

Keep track of crucial data such as comments, likes, and engagement rate. This not only allows you to monitor and compare your articles, but it’s also an excellent method to visualize the material that has driven interaction over the previous three months! 

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