15 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement Of Your Beach Resort

Strong social media interaction is a sign that a modern brand with an online presence is making an impression in the market. Your social media strategy should not only be about seeming popular; it’s also about building real relationships with current and potential consumers, which will help to increase your brand (and ROI) both online and off. 

Social media interaction can increase audience reach, brand exposure, and ROI as it attracts new customers. In fact, 57% of consumers are more willing to support and purchase from firms that can be accessed via social media. 

Every social network needs activity and positive engagement rates to create a pleasant brand experience and meaningful interactions with new and possible future customers. 

1. Entertain, Inform, & Inspire

It is vital to provide content that is beneficial to the audience and meets their wants and pain areas.
Instead of “broadcast,” consider “dialogue.” It will be more difficult to connect if you only talk about how fantastic your brand is or what you have for sale. 

Your social media audience isn’t searching for a sales pitch, and they won’t engage with one either. They want to interact with stuff that makes them laugh, think, or help them improve their lives in some way. 

If you want to enhance social media engagement, you must generate engaging content. It may be a Twitter poll, a video that people can connect to, a funny graphic, or a product shot that motivates people to tag their friends.

Choose information that will elicit a good response from others. Is your post about something lovely, inspirational, humorous, or relatable? Select information that will elicit an emotional response from your audience.

2. Get To Know Your Audience

So, how do you entertain, inform, or inspire your audience? By getting to know them, of course!

What you find amusing or inspiring isn’t always applicable to your audience. It’s the wants and needs of your audience that matter when it comes to engagement.

And unless you actually know who your audience is, it’s difficult to figure out what those desires and requirements are. Facebook Page Insights gives you a wealth of information about your fans. Look over this information carefully for any unexpected elements that could help you build a stronger bond with your audience. 

 3. Focus on Quality

There’s no time for poor visuals, videos, or text when consumers are skimming stuff.

If you’re short on creative material, content curation is a terrific approach to provide high-quality, helpful content that engages your audience. Quality does not have to be difficult or costly. In fact, Facebook advises using a consistent color scheme and recognizable photos to make things simple. 

4. Be Relatable and Human

Audiences are yearning for authenticity, whether it’s sharing behind-the-scenes footage, showing honest and raw feelings, standing up for your principles, or posting a funny meme that acknowledges a similar experience. Don’t be afraid to go a touch personal or honest with your content – being too polished can come across as chilly. 

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5. Use Amazing Images

Engagement rates on social media posts with photos are greater than typical. Simple shots are effective.
A beautiful shot of your rooms and amenities or a client photo is highly suggested.
Stock photography is a terrific alternative if you’re not sure in your photography talents or just want to use photographs made by pros.

If you can afford a professional photographer, that’s even better!

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6. Reply To Your Audience

Responding to your audience is one of the simplest methods to increase social media engagement, yet businesses frequently ignore it. Many beach resorts will just submit content and leave it at that.

This is a mistake; you should respond to your followers and engage them in dialogue.

Because it takes two to conduct a conversation, you must devote time to communicating with your audience. If someone comments on your post, respond. Engage in discussion with your brand and initiate a discourse. If you publish anything on your profile, make sure to read the comments and respond to them. 

Even if someone says, “This is amazing,” you might respond with, “Thanks, we love it too!”. Having dialogues with your audience is one of the most effective social media engagement methods since it motivates them to continue participating with your company. You encourage them to leave comments on future pieces and engage with your brand in the future.

When responding to someone’s comments, use their name. Because you’re addressing them personally, they’ll feel more connected to your company.

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7. Never Underestimate Influencers

Because influencers are perceived as ‘independent,’ partnering with their authoritative voice may give actual validity to your campaign. However, choosing the proper influencer might be difficult.

You may be swayed by the glamour of collaborating with a celebrity rather than concentrating on what the influencer can truly bring to the table. However, you must first comprehend the concept of an influencer and then design an influencer strategy that includes a brief trial campaign time to see how responsive the influencer’s network of followers is to your brand. 

8. Share Fun Facts About Your Destination

Nobody can stand up against a nice bit of trivia. These little-known facts may help you position yourself as an authority in exploring your city, and they’re both useful and amusing to tourists. Most marketing departments have a list of interesting facts about their destination. If not, spend five minutes doing some fast web research. 

9. Show Guest Stories

Utilize your hotel’s guest reviews. When you receive an email from a meeting client or a previous visitor sharing a hilarious tale about their stay, ask for permission to share it with your Facebook or blog followers. This is both a superb narrative and testimony in one. 

Sharing or reposting guest content makes them feel seen and special. It creates a bond with them and is wonderful marketing getting real-life “amateur” photos that look amazing, still. It boosts confidence in new customers in your beach resort, as well.

This form of user-generated content are equal to positive reviews. A guest posting is a source of personal connection with other potential customers.

10. Feature What’s New In Your Area

Be the first to alert your followers about something new in your city, and your hotel will become one of the top sources of information about your location. Is there a new brewery in your area, or a new show at a neighboring museum? Even sharing a post for a special event in your area is enough to bring in engagement. Share it with your social media followers first, and don’t forget to include images or videos. 

11. Share Behind-The-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes content is created on the spur of the moment. Rather, it is a tremendous marketing tool. Because your behind-the-scenes material is one-of-a-kind, it naturally draws attention to your specialty, drawing a targeted consumer base. Furthermore, because you’re already releasing behind-the-scenes information, newer consumers will feel more at ease approaching you with problems and criticism, whether on social media or elsewhere. It’s a wonderful strategy to establish a long-term relationship with clients. 

12. Answer FAQs on Your Beach Resort’s Social Media Platforms

If your hotel’s front desk workers or concierges are frequently asked the same questions, use social media to educate a bigger audience. This might easily lead to your followers asking additional questions and engaging with your hotel. 

You can even create beautiful creative assets or videos that answer these. Having this kind of content will let your audience keep coming back to your social media accounts as they can recheck your FAQs.

13. Brand Your Hotel’s Content With a Hashtag

Hashtags are great for increasing social media participation and building a community with potential and former hotel guests. Create a distinctive hashtag for your hotel and encourage customers to use it when sharing photos from their vacation on social media.

Using your hotel brand + location is a simple method to do this. For example, a beach resort in the Bahamas called “Best Beach” may create its own unique hashtag, #BestBeachBahamas. Creating a customized hashtag for your hotel is an excellent approach to encouraging user-generated content. 

You can also use popular hashtags such as your location. It would drive your

14. Post Consistently for Social Media Engagement

Beach resorts must be active in order to attract followers and increase engagement rates – but how active should they be?

According to research, the sweet spot is 1-2 postings every day. This keeps your feed current and relevant, and it gives you additional chances to draw viewers to your material. Knowing when to publish on Instagram is extremely important, especially when dealing with the algorithmic timeline.

The recommended post times might vary greatly depending on the expert you consult. With others recommending 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. for your first post and 5 a.m. for your second, this variance may cause serious confusion for content strategists. 

 15. Have a Visually Consistent Brand Image

According to a WebDam social media survey, 60% of the best-performing firms on Instagram have a consistent appearance that they use every time they post.

Your appearance should be consistent with your business identity and should be appealing to the target audience. Users are drawn to genuine speech and various opinions. Glossy perfection is out of fashion, yet visual content is at the center of most social media channels, and that will never change. 

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As your online presence grows stronger, potential guests would be more interested in visiting your social media channels. When your social media strategy includes these 15 tips, you’ll be able to engage with them and build a loyal following. Keep remembering that social media engagement gets the bookings!