Promoting Benefits instead of Features to Increase Conversions

promoting benefits for beach resort

A majority of people think that features and benefits are one and the same. Though they have many similarities, there is a difference between them.

Features vs. Benefits

One of the most common mistakes that people make when promoting their beach resort is they focus too much on features, rather than benefits.

The reason for this mistake is that some people think that if a product has more features it will be better. This is not true. In fact, you should always try to highlight the benefits of your product instead of focusing on its features.

What are Features?

A feature is something that makes your resort unique or different from other hotels in the area. For example, most resort features are:

  • Great big windows around the room
  • Buffet gourmet breakfast
  • Complimentary wifi in the resort

What are Benefits?

Benefits are the consequences or outcomes that users will (ideally) experience as a result of utilizing your product or service – the reason why a potential client becomes a paying customer. 

A benefit is something that helps you achieve your goals. It could be anything like:

  • Relax with an amazing 180 view
  • Experience unlimited culinary treats
  • Keep connected anywhere in the resort

Transform Features Into Customer Benefits

You can transform your features into customer benefits with proper copywriting skills. A little tweak here and there can vastly improve your conversion rate.

Using a Feature-Benefit Matrix

 A feature-benefit matrix is an effective way to help you determine whether your customers’ needs are being met. The following table shows how you can use a feature-benefit matrix to create a clear picture of what your customers want.

Feature | Benefit


F1 | B1

F2 | B2

F3 | B3

… |…


In this example, F stands for “feature” and B stands for “benefits.” You can see that each cell represents a single feature or benefit of your product. By filling out the cells with relevant information about your product, you’ll get a clearer idea of which features and benefits matter most to your target audience.

The key idea is how would your consumers BENEFIT from the FEATURES of your service or goods. If you cannot find any benefits then you need to reevaluate your product.

You’ll find your conversion rates soar when you put the benefits at the forefront of your marketing instead of features.

Tips on Achieving the Maximum Conversion Rate

Provide the solution to a single problem that the majority of people are experiencing. 

Your main goal is to provide solutions to problems that your customers are facing. Your job is to convince them that your product solves those problems.

This kind of language is very common in sales letters because these statements are very easy to understand. Make sure that your prospects know exactly what they will gain from using your product.

When writing your sales copy, keep in mind that your message must be short and simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep it simple!

Focus on Imagery

 Images can boost conversions like crazy. They make your content look more professional, attractive, and trustworthy. Images also increase engagement and retention.

Use images to highlight your features and benefits. In addition, you should include images whenever possible. This will improve your credibility and trustworthiness.

Having an attractive image at the forefront not only draws in consumers, but it also makes them feel more comfortable buying from you.

Add a guarantee

Guarantees are one of the best ways to build trust and confidence. People love guarantees because they believe that if something goes wrong, the company will take care of them.

People often buy products based on their guarantees. For instance, if you sell clothes online, you could offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if someone buys a shirt from you and it doesn’t fit right, you’ll send them another one for free.