6 Common Mistakes That Drive Guests Away Before They Book

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Every resort makes some of these common mistakes from time to time. But knowing which these are can help you avoid making this mistake or if you are doing this mistake, you can correct your marketing.

Selling All The Time Is A Mistake

Everyone realizes that your resort’s goal is to get customers to book rooms or services. However, social media users do not want to be sold all of the time.

People want a discussion and a conversation, not a sales pitch, on social media. It’s fine to advertise from time to time, but the majority of your articles should be an attempt to engage with, rather than sell to, your audience. Give them value rather than ads.

Focus on photos of resort events, CEO blogs, unique research, post links to useful publications, and the occasional promotion should all be included as an example.

Remember that you are speaking to a person first and foremost. Like you, this person is particular about the media they consume. It could come to the point that they totally ignore your brand if you don’t break away from just selling.

Responding Too Little Or Not At All

responding to messages

Resorts frequently put so much emphasis on getting their material just perfect that they overlook what consumers have to say and desire.

They may respond in a scripted manner, or worse, they may not respond at all. Or they don’t pay attention to what their consumers are doing. Instead, you should follow consumers, “like” what they do, and reply to their comments and queries to keep connected with them.

A genuine response in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and review websites could do a lot more to convert people than you may think. When interacting with customers, keep in mind that you are building their loyalty.

Ignoring SEO

Your resort is in a wonderful position to benefit from SEO, yet many resorts neglect this technique. Others may think that SEO doesn’t matter, but Google Search is your best friend for organic reach.

This sad mistake is regrettable because a good Google position might lead to increased traffic to your website.

It’s obvious why many businesses don’t engage in SEO—hiring a marketing company may be rather costly. No need to stress, though. The great thing about SEO nowadays is that there is so much information available that you can do it yourself.

You may learn the basics of SEO by reading a Beginner’s Guide to SEO, and then progress to more sophisticated tactics like garnering high-authority backlinks over time. Create and implement your SEO strategy now to prepare for future success.

Forgetting To Be Mobile-First

mobile ready website

Only two billion individuals, or 51% of the worldwide population, use their mobile phones to access the internet. That percentage is anticipated to rise to 72.5 percent by 2025.

So if you’re not designing for mobile, you’re clearly putting yourself and your users in danger.

That’s why, for any digital product, meaning your website, social media. booking sites, mobile-first design is a wonderful technique to use.  Mobile-first design is a design concept that strives to provide better user experiences by starting with the smallest of screens: mobile. The key to keeping that 51% is to never skip optimizing for mobiles.

And as an additional point, if you’re looking at traffic, bear in mind that Google’s algorithm prefers mobile-friendly websites.

Slow Website

Slow websites will cause major issues for your business.

You could have put in all this time, money, and effort to get people to visit your website, only to have them leave if it’s too sluggish.

People are busy and impatient. It’s just the way the Internet works. If your website takes too long to load, visitors will leave. Don’t allow your loading time to eat into your profits.

You can’t afford to lose any clients, therefore every second matters. The value of a fast site is monumental. This clearly should be a key priority for your business’s success.

Not Learning From Other Resorts’ Bad Example

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The best way to avoid driving your guests away is to learn from your competitors’ mistakes. You could use the wrong strategies they implement to break through the competition. Businesses that are good at learning from rivals are continuously searching for ways to improve, whether it’s avoiding mistakes made by competitors or taking advantage of market trends to remain ahead of the pack.

The difference between a  sheep in the industry and a leader in the market and is that the former is copying competitors and the latter is learning from them.

Hopefully, you have become particularly aware of the mistakes we’ve shed light on. Take the tips that you’ve read on this to make informed strategies. Soon, you’ll be truly booking guests at an incredible pace and jump ahead of the competition.