Get More Guest Reviews That Turn Into Bookings

Both visitors and resort owners rely heavily on guest reviews.

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What is a Guest Review?

Guest reviews are subjective accounts of a guest’s stay at a particular resort. Guest reviews are an excellent method to improve your reputation and book more rooms.

Honest reviews are also a fantastic method for hosts and guests to communicate with one another. They also assist our community in planning ahead of time by letting them know what to expect.

Honesty and transparency are essential in the travel community.

Why is a Guest Review Important?

Most hotels understand the value of encouraging guest feedback. But it isn’t always simple.

It’s apparent that in order to be competitive in today’s transparent market, hoteliers must master the art of managing internet guest evaluations. Maintaining a positive internet image and gaining more resort bookings would require careful monitoring of guest reviews.  Reviews are an impartial source of information for visitors looking for a place to stay. They provide information on past guests’ experiences at your resort and highlight its greatest characteristics, in order to persuade future visitors to book.

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Where Are Guest Reviews Found

Online Review Sites

TripAdvisor and Yelp are two examples of online review sites that should be on your list. When it comes to choosing which hotel to book, the majority of travelers feel that internet reviews are critical. They won’t perceive your property as a business that cares about its clients if they don’t see you communicating with visitors online.

Booking Sites

If you use a third-party booking website, they most likely have a review portion on the site itself.  If your guests booked using those third-party websites, it would be especially great to ask guests to write a review there.

Social Media

Encourage your guests to post reviews on your resort’s and their social media. If you could comment on their reviews to thank them or accept feedback, this action would be amazing for engagement. A comment from you would signal that you are a resort that cares.

How To Encourage Guests to Write a Review

So you know how essential it is for your resort to have 5 star online reviews, but do you know when and how to encourage visitors to leave a review?

Create a Remarkable Guest Experience

A guest posts reviews usually when they have an exceptionally bad time or have a marvelously great experience. Make sure to get a 5-star review! Guests will highly recommend your property if they have a positive time.

Nothing compares to the beautiful experience you can provide your clients at each stage of the customer mapping journey. Pre-arrival, mid-stay/during the stay and check-out/post-check-out experiences are all touchpoints where you can check in on your guests to see how they’re doing and if there’s anything they need right now that will allow you to improve their stay.

Guests will undoubtedly remember this, which will help create more positive feedback.

Simply Ask

From check-out to an email feedback survey or even a quick reminder and a link to your review page, asking your guest for a review is the best way to encourage them.

You may always invite your employees to engage in the process of asking for additional evaluations and feedback from consumers if you have sufficient staff training. Allow them to do so with grace and a smile on their faces. This is one of the more classic methods of soliciting consumer input, but it hasn’t gone out of style.

Another great method to get feedback is through guest messaging, which allows you to quickly connect with your visitors at every touchpoint and learn more about their needs.

Even a short text message will remind visitors to leave reviews, and it will be easier to lead them to the review interface to leave feedback because mobile phones are preferred over emails.

However, avoid being overly clingy in this respect, as it may annoy the visitors and deter them from posting a review.

Make Reviewing Easy and Rewarding

Make it simple for your guests to find that link, and provide timely reminders about the review submission.  An end-to-end solution that is effective and technology-driven will be the most successful in assisting you with reputation management, which will help you boost your reviews.

A review generating tool, once again, will assist in streamlining the entire review process. It is also one of the most efficient ways of reminding visitors, as well as providing them with an easy review-writing procedure in which they only have to click and submit their evaluation.

In a nutshell, a quick, time-saving, and straightforward approach for writing reviews.

You may obtain more reviews by rewarding individuals for their helpful reviews. You can see how your clients react to various prizes, like vouchers, cupcakes, and more.

A modest incentive, such as a small discount on their next stay for the first 10 individuals who review you, will increase the amount of good reviews you receive. You may even form a partnership with a charitable organization and give money each time a customer writes a product review.

How to Deal With A Negative Review

Management and handling of negative reviews are especially tricky. You must take great care in communication.

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Listen to Feedback

Customers want to know that they are being heard.

They want to have an influence not just on the individuals who run the property under evaluation, but also on the property’s future so that others don’t have to go through what they did. Giving people the attention they deserve is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate this to them.

There’s no better way to express empathy and compassion than with a personalized answer. Include the guest name on your reply.

Polite & Professional Reply

People demand a rapid reaction in the internet world, which runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s critical to respond to the negative review quickly before they spread and more potential consumers see them.

Be honest in your response, in addition to being speedy and insightful. Transparency is really beneficial.

The majority of negative reviewers – and consumers in general – prefer an open and honest response to a real error, with the expectation that their complaints will be handled fairly and sympathetically.

Don’t take a negative review personally. Respond in a courteous and professional manner, without blaming others or making excuses. Your response must always be polite.

More reviews are preferable than fewer reviews – unless the bulk of your reviews are bad, of course. Having a few reviews is far preferable to having none at all.

From this standpoint, learning how to approach consumers for reviews and ensuring a constant stream of more and better reviews makes financial sense. After all, if you’re currently providing excellent customer service, they’ll gladly recommend you. Simply said, all you have to do is ask.

With these tips, hopefully, you’ll be brimming with positive reviews that result in more bookings!