Best Social Media Content for Beach Resorts

Social media may appear to be easy, but it isn’t. It takes more planning, strategy development, and consistent posting to achieve great results. The advent of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others has made the market more competitive. And the hospitality sector is no exception. Here are some social media marketing ideas for hotels and resorts that will assist you in promoting your company.

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Content Based Around Social Media Strategy

Posting just any content without any thought isn’t going to fly. Your social media content should revolve around your goals.

The social media content you provide online has the potential to make your beach resort a household name and convert your followers into loyal fans. This level of effect is only possible with a good social media content strategy.

It is not enough to be present on every social media platform and to update your audience on a periodic basis when you have the time. Identifying clear goals, creating useful articles that correspond with those goals, and distributing information on the appropriate channels are all ways to stand out on social media.

After then, you may track your progress and fine-tune your plan over time.

Best Social Media Platforms For Beach Resorts

The best social media platform is to be where your target audience is. If your beach resort is targeting millennials, it’s great to be on Instagram and Twitter; if you’re targeting companies and business people looking for venues, LinkedIn is the platform to be in.

One of the goals of being on these platforms is to generate a social media presence. Developing a social media presence allows you to interact, satisfy customer requirements, and create trust before establishing a direct relationship with your target audience.

What Makes Good Content for Social Media

Good content gives value to your audience. It could be an informative post about the local attractions in the vicinity of your resort or an entertaining post about the resort’s in-house local wildlife.

Content of value is proven to generate more organic engagement and increase social media followers.

Social Media Content Ideas

When you have to publish something on several platforms every day, it might be difficult to come up with new social media content ideas. However, it is critical to provide consumers with new, high-quality information that captures their attention and keeps them informed.

People will be eager to see what you publish next, which increases their likelihood of engaging with your posts—and maybe becoming a guest. Here are some social media content ideas you can incorporate into your strategy.

Social Media Image Posts

This may appear to be the most apparent argument, and it is, but it is also one that is frequently overlooked. There are no shortcuts: high-quality material that is shared is always high-quality content.

  • Local Area Information
  • Food & Beverage available in the resort
  • Behind the Scenes of how the resort works
  • Occasions and celebrations
  • Local Dishes You Have to Try
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Video Content

Video is fast becoming the main type of online information, with some estimates that video accounts for 80% of all Internet traffic. As a result, you must incorporate video into your content strategy.

This is also why Twitter, once known as the photo-sharing network, added video to its repertoire.

  • Real Weddings
  • Day in the Life of your Staff
  • Virtual Tours

Live Videos

Live videos are an excellent medium for bringing events to people that are unable to attend in person. Unlike stories, which are deleted after 24 hours, live streams may be seen afterward. You’ll need something to stream first, such as an event.

Social media platforms that enable live content. Like stories, they make the choice easily accessible and easy for users. They’ll offer you a preview of what your audience will see, allowing you to double-check everything before going live.

  • Live Entertainment Shows
  • Fireworks Display
  • New Year Countdown


Infographics are both informative and simple to grasp.

They are also handy for the majority of Internet users who post visual material on social media since they are in the form of photos. You don’t even need the skills of a graphic designer to produce a relatively high-quality infographic using tools like Piktochart.

The most essential thing is to leverage your company knowledge and data to produce something useful for your audience.

  • Travel Tips
  • What To Pack For The Best Beach Vacation
  • History of the area
  • Where Locals Hang Out
  • How to Get Around Like a Local
  • Things You Didn’t Know About the Area

Contests & Giveaways

Social media contests are interesting and enjoyable to organize because people enjoy winning.

Consider a prize that your target audience would be interested in receiving. This should ideally be connected to your business, although it is not required. Then devise a timetable for the contest’s duration, as well as entry rules.

Contests may be held on any social media network, but on more professional platforms like LinkedIn, don’t overdo it.

  • Seasonal contests
  • Low-Season Giveaways
  • Local Business Collaboration Giveaway
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User-Generated Content

If you have followers who utilize your goods and services to produce their own social media content, contact them and request that they repost it (with attribution) on your accounts.

It’s a wonderful method to broaden your social media postings while also expressing gratitude to your important consumers.