7 Social Media Posts To Do in 2022 for Your Beach Resort

creating social media posts for beach resort

The hotel industry has had a terrible two years since the outbreak began, but as the world learns to live with Covid-19, a number of new hotel and tourist trends are emerging. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people utilized social media globally, with a predicted increase to over 4.41 billion by 2025. According to several data, nearly 60% of hotel reservations are made online. As a result, hotel marketers must focus on building a strong online presence.

Here are 7 social media posts you can create this year:

1. Continued Health and Safety Protocols

Many hotel groups, such as Four Seasons and Hilton, have publicly emphasized their commitment to hotel hygiene in the hopes of alleviating tourist worries. One strategy, according to new research, is to build an emotional relationship with clients via conversations – a one that is more likely to persist beyond the pandemic.

When reserving a hotel room, travelers have traditionally prioritized cleanliness. Guests will be more concerned about hotel hygiene than ever before. Since COVID-19, major airline and accommodation businesses have immediately implemented new cleaning standards that have earned the trust of travelers.
Inform your guests that you are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Posting your ongoing and improved health and safety standards will make them feel more at ease.

2. Moments of Your Day

Stories enable you to share all of your day’s events, not just the ones you wish to retain on your profile. When you share numerous photographs and videos, they are shown as a slideshow. Reels are a new method for Instagram users to create and discover short, amusing videos. Using this form of material has helped boost user comprehension of a product or service, according to 94 percent of marketers.

3. Guest Reviews

Consumers have started to rely on online review sites to provide feedback on rooms and services. When we’re looking for a place to stay, they’re one of the first places we look. When you post customer evaluations on social media, they have a better possibility of driving new leads and purchases. Collecting star ratings and comments is a good start, but it’s only the beginning. You may utilize the feedback to produce social media posts that will engage your audience and help them trust your business.

Do you want to persuade more customers to provide feedback on your client’s product or service? The greatest technique is to express gratitude to consumers for taking the time to provide feedback. A simple ‘thank you’ shows that you read and appreciate everything.

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4. Local Events and Places and Trivia

There are likely to be forthcoming activities near you no matter where you are. Big and small events take place all over the world, at various seasons of the year, in cities of all sizes. There will very certainly be something occurring near your house in the future, from quiz nights to big events like music festivals.

Hotel managers may benefit from local event expertise in a variety of ways. Guests are frequently seeking activities to do during their stay, and you may share your knowledge about local events with them. Events, moreover, may be recycled into blog pieces. While satisfying Google’s “freshness” criteria, writing about events also demonstrates that your city is a dynamic and exciting tourism destination.

In addition to transportation and location, you should promote the hotel’s current features that are relevant to customers interested in these events. If the event is a health conference, highlight your fitness facilities and healthy food options available through room service and the restaurant. If it is a family event, highlight your pool, family activities offered at the hotel, and other family-friendly sites nearby.

There should be no event, large or little, that you are unaware of that is close to your hotel as a hotelier. When there are larger events nearby but not close enough to walk to, there is a chance to provide services for guests in order to draw them to your property. For example, if you have a shuttle van and there is a concert in a nearby arena within five miles, is it possible to provide a gratis shuttle service to and from the show?

5. Behind the Scenes

As a beach resort, there are numerous intriguing parts of your everyday operations that your audience may be interested in. Diners who visit your restaurant are searching for a sample of the experience you have to offer, in addition to the food and drink they order. Isn’t that what hospitality is all about? Why not try to recreate that experience on social media to some extent?

Social media is, by definition, a private medium. It is a place where individuals share their life. As a result, there is an expectation that brands will also reveal personal information, which is a positive thing. Sharing behind-the-scenes material humanizes your employees and endears fans to your brand. So make the most of it. Consider sharing photos and tales about your company’s culture. Something amusing occurs on-site? Take a picture and post it on social media. Have you recently hosted a workplace event? Share photos and let your followers know what you’re up to. You may even utilize your platforms to highlight outstanding employees and welcome new team members. Give visitors a taste of what makes your company unique.

6. FOMO Social Media Posts

With 52 percent of Facebook users confessing that their friends’ photographs influenced their vacation plans, it’s evident that FOMO, as the young’uns call it these days, is real, and if you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re missing out on a fantastic chance. It’s only normal for individuals to seek out new experiences, and if their friends are having a good time, they’ll want to join in on the fun.

You must provide every chance for visitors to post great images and keep their loved ones up to date on their journey at your hotel. Consider the greatest elements of your property or destination for images that you can recommend to your consumers. You might even set up a ‘selfie zone’ to encourage people to post on Facebook and Instagram. People always respond positively to beautiful pictures.

Food has a big impact on FOMO, so if your hotel has a restaurant, strive to impress your visitors with great meals prepared from local ingredients. If that fails, make sure you inform customers about the top eateries in the region.

Simply said, by improving the guest experience, you can transform your clients into mini-marketers for your resort through social media, review sites, and word-of-mouth.

7. Virtual Tours

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how effective a well-curated virtual tour would be in capturing the attention of your target audience. Nothing entices a prospective tourist more than a visual tour of the place they intend to visit.
The nice thing about virtual tours is that the information can be simply reused for many marketing platforms. For example, a single video showing your unrivaled hospitality may be published as both an Instagram clip and a trending promotion on your website.

Virtual tours are your finest tool for inspiring wanderlust, and they are one of the fastest-growing hotel & hospitality marketing trends. Marketing gurus greatly encourage video initiatives such as influencer marketing, behind-the-scenes tours, drone shots, and so on.

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