6 Simple Ways to Improve your Resort’s Facebook Marketing today

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking community, and it’s still growing! Facebook has at least 2 billion active monthly users and it’s steadily rising. Simply put, Facebook is too large to ignore. Your resort must not only be present on this platform, but you must also always have your best foot forward.

Optimize your Photos

Facebook and almost any other social media platform are heavily visual. When it comes to advertisements that convert, even the best copywriters would claim that images are more critical than copy. After all, though cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The first thing you can do to improve your Facebook page is update your profile and posts with some high-quality pictures. Create eye-catching, scroll-busting images or videos that your audience won’t be able to miss.

Post Short, Enticing Video Posts

Users on Facebook want to be amused and constantly entertained. They’re likely to be killing time, browsing different interests, or following their friends on social networks, so you need to divert their attention quickly with engaging material. What better way to accomplish this than with video?

In 2019, Facebook updates prioritized high-quality, original content that keeps viewers watching for more than one minute, and particularly video that keeps viewers watching for more than three minutes.

 This means that videos are more likely to be shown by Facebook instead of other content.

A plus for you, short videos are also easier to film and edit!

Use Subtitles in your Facebook Videos

With 1 billion videos watched on Facebook every day, every chance to make the video content available to all users is a very welcome thing. As of this year, online video accounts for 74% of total traffic. Every day, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video content, and the number is increasing.

According to publisher data, approximately 85 percent of video on Facebook is viewed without sound. The more people who see your video and can watch it in their preferred format, the better. Avoid people skipping your content because it doesn’t come with captions. This method also encourages inclusivity to many hard-of-hearing people.

facebook contest

Run Simple Contests to Increase Engagement

Facebook contests aren’t exactly new, but that doesn’t make this Facebook advertising tip any less useful. One of the most effective ways to increase your resort’s interaction and engagement on Facebook is to run a contest with exciting prizes.

The best part about organizing a contest is that it does not have to be difficult. Simply ask people to send you pictures of themselves in your resort, and then choose a winner at random for a fun getaway.

Clean Up your Facebook Posts

Your resort’s Facebook should be constantly updated. As the platform continuously modifies their algorithm, adjusted posts in the News Feed are prioritized.

Given the importance of your resort’s Facebook page to your company’s marketing activities, it only makes sense to always put your best foot forward. This means optimizing your resort’s page and making it as presentable as possible is extremely beneficial to you.

You may have accumulated a lot of needless content on your page over time, which doesn’t appeal to social media users and may even be misleading about your business. It also guarantees the highest level of protection for your resort’s account, which is critical these days.

Share User-Generated Content

What exactly is user-generated content, and why should your resort care? As opposed to brand-created content, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to believe user-generated content is authentic. Since only about half of brands produce authentic content, content made by other individuals gives you a significant reputation boost.

It’s all about establishing credibility. Travelers trust feedback from friends and family 92 percent of the time, and online user opinions 70 percent of the time. All the previous advantages of user-generated content contribute to this one: the influence on booking decisions. UGC has a strong influence on nearly 80% of people’s booking decisions.

Try out these 6 tips today and watch your resort’s Facebook marketing game improve dramatically. No time to improve your Facebook page? Hire quality experts to take care of all of your resorts’ social media marketing. Give us a shout at [email protected].