5 Quick Ways to Promote Your Beach Resort Online for Free

Advertising online can be expensive. And most smaller and newer beach resorts or hotels can’t hope to compete with corporate giants in ad spending. How do you promote your sites, and where do you spend your time? These free social media promotion ideas can help you get started with your marketing efforts.

List on Google Places

online google listing

One of the best ways to promote your products is to list with Google Places. Registering with this platform will allow it to rank better on Google searches, and it even shows up on Google Maps.

To register on Google Searches, all you have to do is fill out the form, and register your business through verification and confirmation. Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing have similar services on ways to promote businesses on social platforms for free.

Complete All your Social Media Profiles

Many businesses on the internet do not optimize their profiles effectively. 

If your social media profile isn’t properly optimized, don’t expect it to generate traffic, email subscribers, or revenue. Most likely, an unoptimized profile gives your users little information about your beach resort or who it caters to, which hinders its growth.

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Share amazing articles about your location. Post about events in the area. Don’t link from competitions

By combining your blog and social media tactics, you can increase interaction and improve the quality of your material. It also aids in the delivery of a consistent brand experience, especially if your teams collaborate to develop the strategy.

If you don’t have blog posts, it’s time to consider creating and posting on your website. 

Blog posts enable you and your company to share information, ideas, and anecdotes about any topic on your website. They can assist you in increasing brand recognition, credibility, conversions, and revenue. Most importantly, they can assist you in increasing website traffic.

Some of the best blog posts for beach resorts are local guides, featuring events, and general faqs about the areas. You can even publish news about your resort!

Create your Own Hashtag and Use Geotags


Creating your own hashtag promotes credibility and establishes you as an authority on a given issue, especially if the majority of the information in the hashtag links back to your social media page. Instead of being a follower, you become the leader. Original, creative content piques the interest of social media users.

Hashtags play a crucial role in social media communication. If you create your own hashtag and it becomes popular, it will begin to spread and your brand will reach a larger audience. You must use it as your primary business tag. Use hashtags with every post you make, not just on Instagram, but on other social media platforms. When all of your communications are labeled with the same hashtag, the chances of people liking it and starting to use it in their own postings skyrocket.

Make a hashtag out of your brand name if it’s unique enough. Your hashtag will represent your beach resort, but it must also be concise and memorable. Consider some possibilities based on your name, location, and so on.


By geotagging your beach resort, you’ll be able to expand your online exposure across a number of channels. The greater your reach, the more likely your hotel will be chosen as a vacation, honeymoon, or business trip destination. If you’re a business on Instagram (and you should be), you might want to go the extra mile and create a custom location tag to assist people to find your beach resort.

These will make you more visible, making it easier for potential followers to find you. Don’t forget to link your hashtags and geotags to your profile on Instagram.

Cross Promote on Online Different Channels

Reminding followers of your existence on numerous social media platforms is one of the trendiest and most direct ways to cross-promote your channels. It’s not a bad idea to be direct about it.
Cross-promotion can take the form of a simple link to another social media account. It could be accompanied by a request to follow the media account on social media. When customers search for you, using branded or distinctive social icons helps your website show up first. It also makes it straightforward for customers to locate the social media site where you are active.

Promoting online doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, online marketing can be much more affordable than its traditional counterpart. These cost-effective strategies, however, need a more hands-on approach. Always keep an eye on your metrics and remember to iterate, test, and keep your consistency!