5 Best Beach Resort Marketing Strategies

best beach resort marketing strategies

Any resort or property that wants to succeed in the age where we are dependent on the internet must use digital marketing. Hotels must become more comfortable reaching out to audiences on these sites as they become more comfortable making purchases online and on their mobile devices.

consistency is key best marketing strategy for beach resort

Consistency is Key

Wherever you market your resort, be consistent. Consistency in your message, your scheduling, your branding is a key that many resorts forget to consider when marketing themselves.

Brand consistency exposes your target guests to your core message, stunning visuals, and solidifies your brand recognition. Being consistent also builds trust, loyalty, evokes positive emotions, and differentiates your brand.

Average revenue increase attributed to brand consistency is at least 23% while using brand colors consistently increases client brand recognition by up to 80%. 

keep up the good reviews

Keep Up the Good Reviews

Everyone in the hospitality industry knows that reviews are important. There are two kinds of people who would love to leave your resort a review: those who love your resort and those who hate it.  

When choosing between 2 identical properties, 79% of customers would book a hotel with a higher rating. A staggering 52% of guests would not book a hotel with no reviews.

People rely on reading reviews to make informed choices. Resort review pages become a platform for not only you to connect with your guests, but also for others to do so. Responding to reviews shows customers you care about their customer experience. 

prioritize your website

Prioritize Your Website 

Your resort’s website is one of the most important aspects in marketing your resort.

In today’s world where people are highly dependent on the internet, your website is your “resume” you show your guests. Impress them with complete information, beautiful aesthetics, and an enjoyable user interface. 

When making a booking decision, It’s important for guests to have a lot of information about the destination and the resort. When they are looking for a place to stay, they want to know what the resort has to offer, its facilities, and so on. Pair that with high-quality professional photos and videos. These should highlight your resort’s strengths and convince guests to book with you.

Your guest experience with you starts before booking. Make sure your website is mobile first, has a friendly user interface, and easy booking forms.

Succeed in Social Media

The best way to encourage guests to book with you is to use social media, and having a strong multi-channel social media strategy allows resort and hotel marketers to make the most of social media’s resources to attract guests. 

However, you must consider which platforms to use. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the best platforms for promoting your resort. LinkedIn is a good platform if your resort caters to businesses and corporations.

Engaging with your guests via social media will increase awareness of your hotel or resort and get your potential guests excited about their next vacation.

Don’t forget to utilize relevant hashtags and links to your current promotions!

be easily searchable online

Be Easily Searchable Online

If your resort isn’t searchable online, it will be difficult to get any direct bookings.

SEO (search engine optimization) can take your website into the top of Google searches. Make sure your website has a Blog page where you can write interesting articles about your resort’s location as well as details that can address common questions from your resort guests.

Here are other ways you can increase your online presence:

  • List yourself locally
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Populate your website with relevant content
  • Engage with your audience
  • Make sure to add alt-text to your photos and videos
  • Encourage your guests to tag you in social media

For a more professional approach and hassle-free marketing services, contact our team at Beach Resort Marketing.